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In , in the aftermath of Bush and the emergence of cutesy cultural icons like Zooey Deschanel, when cat videos on YouTube were getting more views than the State of the Union, indie rock began embracing the daftness of the times. Against this backdrop came the indomitable rise of Best Coast, a duo born in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, who mixed plainspoken lyrics and ’60s girl-group pastiche with Spectorian professionalism. Avoiding any of the cheeky humor or fey detachment of their contemporaries, Best Coast was heart-on-sleeve authentic — which turned out to be highly bankable. Two full-length albums, one mini-album, and countless 7-inches and EPs later, Best Coast has become one of the most polarizing bands in the country. Singer-guitarist Bethany Cosentino is a gifted melodist, but her songwriting remains purposefully teen-oriented. As a result, criticism of Best Coast has lacked depth. Reviews of their albums often sound like goofy weather reports, or For Dummies guides on their purported influences.

Best Coast: “People Just Liked Me Because I Was Myself On The Internet”

On Monday, both bands made their way to Boulder to let audiences feel the love. The group came out ironically decked out in Misfits-style makeup and poked fun at metal bands throughout their set. Besides the gimmick they put on, Wavves played an energy-packed show that left the audience dancing and moshing with delight. Wavves did a great job of covering all of their material and sounding faithful to their recordings.

Im trying hi its bethany Instagram bestcoast. Wavves concert near you. List of all Wavves tickets and tour dates for Were still surprised that so.

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. I saw them in Boulder on Valentine’s Day. Hipster Runoff later accused Cosentino who at the time was trying to imitate the always unamused Lana Del Rey of lip-synching. Williams and company seemed antagonistic. I was certain the wave of SoCal-led surfer punk was about to crash and no one would remember these two bands in five years time.

Best Coast: ‘We still aren’t very professional’

Lukas likes to write about music. He is vaguely respected as a critic. His musings have found their way into a wide range of international magazines and a variety of credible websites. In the months leading up to the event, Get Frank will profile various artists from the lineup — making sure you know who to catch in January. The duo released their debut recording last year – the ridiculously chill Crazy For You.

Known for their unique blend of ’60s surf-pop and lo-fi rock, Cosentino describes her music as: “Songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep.

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Los Angeles indie rock duo Best Coast have an uncanny way of putting songs together. It makes their sound accessible to both the punks and the Top 40 crowd — a rarity in a time where musicians find themselves pigeonholed to one specific genre, no matter how hard they try escape. Together, Cosentino and Bruno have found a niche that others wish they could artistically achieve. Rob Duguay: When you were a kid you were a child actress.

What was that environment like for you to grow up in and were you doing commercials, films or both? Bethany Cosentino: I did commercials mostly. My mom was an actress, she did a lot of commercial acting.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino (again)

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We talk to Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno about beginnings, tour life and alone time. I hardly still look at the audience but we just looked down. Wavves: ‘First Few Weeks of Recording Sucked’. Stephen.

Seven years and three albums later, she reflects on the ups and downs of sudden buzz. Keep doing it. I thought, Why are these people picking on me for being myself? It made me question: do I suck? It fucking sucked. I was at an age when I was conflicted and confused about who I was and what I wanted to look like. You never know what someone is struggling with.

The only thing that really got to me was people talking about my relationship. Nathan [Williams, of Wavves ] and I would always get weird things written about us. People would attack us as a couple.

Best Coast Almost Had No Future. Now Everything Has Changed.

Not any more. Her weed consumption is restricted to edibles such as honey, lollipops and lemonade. A scorpio pendant dangles from her neck. When the pink sun sets, she can hideaway like a recluse. As a result, it lacked the smart surf rock of their debut and met with unforgiving reviews.

Best Coast and Wavves have announced details of an upcoming joint The date jaunt will begin in San Diego, California on January we want it to be a beach-themed sort of thing, but we’re still brainstorming.”.

Crazy for You by Best Coast is an undisputed classic for moody stoners everywhere. After all, Best Coast has put out four full-length records since then. Obviously, the problem remains, because just recently, Cosentino penned a righteous essay for Lenny Letter, the online feminist newsletter run by Lena Dunham.

Right off the bat, Cosentino stated:. Because she came up alongside Wavves, a band fronted by her on-and-off boyfriend Nathan Williams, their relationship became an inescapable part of her image. Even still, Bethany continuously shut down conversations about her personal life with Nathan in interviews and never truly verified whether or not he was the center her songs. By doing this, she reinforced an important argument that still holds up as the two bands embarked together on the massive and joint-headlining Summer Is Forever tour that began last week: Who the hell cares whether he is or not?

Best Coast’s feminism differs by focusing more on the freedom to express yourself rather than making any radical strides of independence. By using her fame to consistently speak out about feminist issues, Cosentino has become an much more than a singer to a lot of her fans.

Wavves best coast dating nake

Best Coast have always been a delightful embodiment of catharsis. The California rock duo of Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno have been rattling off intensely personal guitar pop songs since their classic debut Crazy For You , but their new album, Always Tomorrow , out now via Concord Records, provides a different kind of catharsis. A decade ago, Best Coast were the definition of a hype band. But beyond their sun-soaked, emotional indie rock songs and cloud of fame, Consentino was having trouble dealing with success.

Consentino turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and projected an image of a perpetually cool, unfazed musician, but she was facing an internal crisis that became too large to ignore.

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Have you seen this movie? It reminded me of Bethany Cosentino and Nathan Williams. Both hail from California and are full of a kind of youthful vigor and passion that makes me both incredibly happy and sad at the same time. Wavves is everything I love about rock and punk all rolled up into with a generous sprinkling of killer stoner-riffs and shit-tons of attitude. And not to draw too many comparisons to another famous California band i. Best Coast and Wavves, could their names be a more perfect match?

And their music compliments each other as well.

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Best Coast: ‘We still aren’t very professional’. By redbull. Best Coast, the sun-drenched California rock band, is currently on tour with Green Day, which might seem like an odd pairing. Whatever, it works. The two met on the Los Angeles music scene four years ago and have since put together two albums and a rabid fan base that follows every movement of even Bethany’s cat Snacks.

What went into that decision?

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino and Wavves’ Nathan Williams aren’t just There is still a beseeching, lovesick quality to songs like “No One.

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Every Best Coast Song, Ranked

I think this relationship is maybe a few weeks old, but the warning signs were there; the similarities between them are crystal clear. To name a few: Both are afraid of the ocean and swimming. Both have an affinity for Seinfeld.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on lessons learned from love (almost) lost when she dumped Wavves’ Nathan Williams when they were

With big guitars, direct lyrics, and a pleasantly laid-back attitude, the Los Angeles duo Best Coast play a tuneful version of punk rock that nods toward ’60s pop and ’90s alt rock informed by the sunny days of their hometown. Their albums range from simple Ramones style their debut Crazy for You to arena-ready ‘s California Nights. Their popularity as a live act grew steadily and the musical bond between Cosentino and Bruno held firm. The duo’s album, Always Tomorrow, shows the band still in love with the hooky bubblegum-punk sound they started out with, and stretching out in new areas, like commercial radio pop.

A former child actress, Cosentino started writing songs in her teens and gaining a strong online following by the time she was 17, thanks to a handful of poppy songs she made available on her MySpace page under the name Bethany Sharayah. She soon decided her heart wasn’t in making teen pop and pivoted in a very different direction as a member of the spacy experimental pop group Pocahaunted.

After moving to New York to attend school, she moved back to Los Angeles in and started working with Bruno on Best Coast’s first demos. The group’s noisy lo-fi sound took inspiration from ’60s surf rock and girl groups, filtering it through Cosentino’s drawling vocals and punk sensibility.

Best Coast and Wavves: Got Something For You