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Relationships and their strange idiosyncrasies were on tap in Lanzet’s previous show earlier this year the charming “Dating: Adults Embracing Failure” , and he returns to the theme again in this autobiographical one-man endeavor that scrolls through his various romantic mishaps. John Cusack carried an entire movie “High Fidelity” on this kind of stuff, and it can work if it’s handled with the right approach, the best of which is a tale of a short-lived relationship that involved food as foreplay. It has all the stranger-than-fiction signposts of a bona fide anecdote, wherein Lanzet is comically game and then not about his partner’s kink of choice. But under Natalie Shipman’s direction, the bulk of the material tends to feel a bit too cute. Each chapter is tidy and pat and ends on a button, leaving you curious about Lanzet’s rougher, less eager-to-please edges. Then, late in the show, he talks about the recent death of his father. Well, that is indeed rough. But there’s no arc that prepares you for it. It’s just there, this grief that is very real but not quite meant for this type of show.

Do You Want a Sandwich: The Romantic Missteps of Josh Lanzet

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that come with first impressions and final goodbyes, Dating: Adults Embracing Failure ‘Tinder-ly’ proves that love can conquer even the –Chicago Tribune.

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Fresh from the Chicago comedy scene, performing duo Josh Lanzet and Lindy Voeltner’s hit show Dating: Adults Embracing Failure explores the pitfalls and endless possibilities of finding love in the modern age of courtship at the Lounge Theatres opening tonight, Sept. Hilarity ensues when several couples of various ages and backgrounds traverse the oftentimes difficult path in pursuit of romance, sex or just friendship Woven throughout the quick-paced 60 minute comedy is the high-wire suspense of which couple will persevere for all the trials, tribulations and Cashew Chicken take-out.

Online or offline, romance in the 21st century has never been more challenging or humorous in the high stakes game of catching feelings, falling in love or just colliding headlong in the throes of lust. Co-creator Josh Lanzet explains, “This show was our attempt to make a mess out of dating and love because that’s what we have both [co-creator Voeltner] experienced. We think that honesty and fearlessness makes this show different than anything else in its genre.

Everyone has been, or knows someone that is represented in this show. We have been thanked by audiences for making the emotions true to life and representing the less bubblegum nature of dating, but allowing them to laugh at the fact that they are not alone! Lindy Voeltner adds, “Josh and I had been working together at Second City and really enjoyed each others’ sensibilities. We liked the idea of working together on a two-person show with a focus on relationships.

Both of us had been noodling with the idea of looking at first dates and break-ups and playing with the timing of them perhaps showing a couple breaking up before seeing that same couple’s first date.

“Dating: Adults Embracing Failure”,, a Huge Success!

We place a lot of value on romantic relationships, so it always hurts to have them crumble. The simple truth is: not all couples are going to last. Though the thought may be disheartening, Dating: Adults Embracing Failure highlights the moments of hilarity and happiness in all relationships and proves that success is impossible without a little trial and error along the way.

Comedy duo Josh Lanzet and Lindy Voeltner write and star in this fast-paced show that gives glimpses into the lives of couples at different stages of their relationships. Some couples are old, some are young, some have just met, and some have been sharing cashew chicken during their lunch break for years.

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REVIEW: ‘Do You Want a Sandwich: The Romantic Missteps of Josh Lanzet’ ★★

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Two co-workers head over to their favorite Chinese restaurant to pick up lunch. The man gives some bad answers, but finally proves to having feelings for her. The scene ends with the two agreeing on that lunch being their first date.

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Marks, 94 St. Marks Place. Photo by Elko Photography. Both the topic of misadventures in dating, and the format of a series of vignettes which are sometimes interconnected, are ones that I have certainly seen before in theater.

REVIEW: Dating: Adults Embracing Failure @ The Royal George Theatre. Amazon Royal Chicago stories for kids on the dating. Royal Reviews Chicago.

Book now for ! Now licensing into and beyond! Both actors try some solid pick-up lines on the audience to open the show. Two co-workers head over to their favorite Chinese restaurant to pick up lunch. The man gives some bad answers, but finally admits to having feelings for her. She suggests he does something about it before one of them gets transferred to the LA office.

The scene ends with the two agreeing on that lunch being their first date. An elderly couple meet on a park bench when the woman helps the man with his crossword puzzle.

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Chicago’s improv and sketch comedy scene is justifiably world-famous, and attracts young talents from across the country as surely as sugar attracts bees. Such institutions as The Second City, iO and the Annoyance Theatre train, entertain and inspire performers, writers and audiences with a variety of styles, venues and opportunities. Classes and shows abound, in semesters, segments and weekly installments.

It’s theater, and a little bit not. It’s TV, but not yet.

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